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•   Jodi Solomon  12/13
•   Tracy Leah Arrington (Arrington-Payne)  12/11
•   David Graham  12/11
•   Timothy Ivey  12/9
•   Carolyn Murray  12/9
•   Christopher Byrne  12/9
•   Moira Nash  12/8
•   Douglas H. Deutschman  12/8
•   Victor Tall  12/8
•   Dwayne Fort  12/8
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

5 live in Arizona
28 live in California
6 live in Colorado
1 lives in Connecticut
1 lives in Delaware
3 live in District Of Columbia
11 live in Florida
7 live in Georgia
8 live in Illinois
2 live in Indiana
1 lives in Louisiana
1 lives in Maine
4 live in Maryland
5 live in Massachusetts
4 live in Michigan
3 live in Minnesota
2 live in Missouri
1 lives in Nebraska
3 live in Nevada
3 live in New Jersey
1 lives in New Mexico
17 live in New York
6 live in North Carolina
207 live in Ohio
3 live in Oregon
2 live in Pennsylvania
1 lives in South Carolina
9 live in Texas
5 live in Vermont
6 live in Virginia
1 lives in West Virginia
2 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in Argentina
1 lives in Korea
1 lives in Turkey
1 lives in United Kingdom
96 location unknown


CLASS WITH CLASS, Your help is needed, PLEASE!

All the names below are classmates for whom we have no email at all (and they haven't registered with the site).  Some are Friends on Facebook or Instagram.  Some are connected on LinkedIn.

Regardless, it is a major task to pull each name up and make contact individually.

If you know them, if you talk to them, if you are on social media with them...

Can you please ask, beg, bug them to register and keep their email updated so they can access the site to find friends, know what we are doing and be reached for updates to the 2020 Class reunion!  


Clifton Adam
Susan Adam
Clifton Adams
Michael Adams
Ethel Marie Adrine
Martin Coe Aldrich
Charles Alexander
Karl Edward Allen
Michael Allen
Tracy Leah Arrington
Gregory M Baker
Scott J Balogh
Kenneth Barge
Raymond S Barnes
Wilie Bell
David Lewis Biek
Kenneth Bomberg
Stanley Bracey
Maurice Brooks
Lon Glenn Brown
Kim Lisette Bufford (Kovach)
Ronald Buford
Authur Burns
Leslie Ann Byrum
Carla Caldwell
Gregory Campbell
Michael Carter
Thomas M Chapman
David Chew
Elizabeth Chilton
Richard Clarke
Marc P. Coben
Daniel Todd Colbert
Stephen W. Cole
Natalie Collins
Cari Concepcion
Shelley E. Conklin (Nucklos)
Keith D. Connor
Matthew T Corrigan
Daphne Cunningham
Pamela Dagostino
Colleen Daugharty
Michael H De La Pena
Shirley J. Dent
Vivian J. Desantis
Douglas H. Deutschman
Ernest Douglas
Anne T. Douglass
Connie Elaine Dukes
Marjorie K Duncan
Aaron Michael Dworken
Robin Eckley
Candace F. Elliott
Dietmar B Feichtinger

Carol Burnam Freund
Kenneth L Fritz
Robert D Gale
Marietta E Gillon
Felecia Joy Givhan
Emanuel G Gleason
Christopher Gold
Rammy S Gold
Charles Goldman
James R Gonzalez
George J Gordon
Byron L Greene
Charles Greiner
Earl Gresham
Sellers Grier
Pamela Griffin
Enid Joy Gruszka
Cecelia Haggard
Harvey Franklyn Hall
Anthony L Harris
William Harrison
Gregory Hart
Wannetta Hayes
Brian Higley
Donnel Hill
Donald Hirsch
Daniel Hochberg
Clifton Hodge
Robin Holman
Kenneth Howard
Renee Hoytt
Robert Hyams
Antoinette Imus
Eve Israel
Derek Jackson
Marcus Jackson
Valerie Jackson
Zachary James
Thomas Jarmusch
Douglas Jencen
Cheryl Jenkins
Jeffery Johnson
Lenore Johnson
Morris Jones
Adina Kelman
Diane Kennebrew
John Kindler
Christopher Kirby
Andrew Klausner
Angela Knight
Raymond Kramer
Derek Kruger
Andrew Krumholz
Randolph Lerner
Alexandra Levy
Elliot Lewis
Gary Lewis
James Lewis
Greg Lincoln
Steven Litt
Indre Liutkus
Beth London
Michael Lynch
Cynthia Macklin
Annora Marcus
Richard Martien
Peter Martier
Jonathan McCall
David McVey
Valencia Meredith
Douglas Merrick
David Miklethun
Judy Miles
Dennis Miller
Jennifer Miller
Robert Mock
Ross Murchison

Elizabeth Nachman
Kenneth Neal
Monica Newman
Helen O'Reilly
Rhonda Orr
Shawn Palmer
Yohni Park
Richard Patrick
Daniele Payne
Milo Payne
Pamela Peavie
Derrick Pender
Matthew Peterson
Miriam Pickus
Holli Prayor
Daniel Prober
Constance Qua
Diane Regutti
Pamela Reiner
Leslie Remington
Amy Reynolds
Debbie Reynolds
Carlton Rhines
Lauren Rich
Terrell Richardson
Ronald Robbins
Cynthia Robinson
Michael Robinson
Pat Roselli
Kenneth Roy
Jeffery Ruth
Carl Sandford
Mary Schindler
David Schwalm
Pauletta Seay
Peter Selover
Victor Sharp
Jenita Simmons
Diana Smith
Stephen Smith
Joel Solomon
Euridice Sphyry
Lise Stevens
Carolyn Stewart
Nancy Sudak
David Swann

Anna Talsi
Vincent Thomas
Gary Thompson
Karen Thornton
Nichelle Tidmore
Celeste Tindel
Allan Tomlinson
Dwayne Turner
Bradley Twedell
Bradford Unroe
Deborah Urbach
Kathleen Vaccaro
Christopher Walsh
Craig Warner
Richard Weiner
Gregory Wester
Dean Wheeler
Daniel White
Marion Williams
Steven Williams
Latrice Wilson
Paul Wolfson
Kenneth Wood
Martha Wood
Andra Wykle


Jacqueline Patterson


As a reminder, the Gallery here on our website is perfect for loading your photos from the memories you created in June or whenever we are together.

Everyone is not on Facebook, but they can enjoy them right here!

Check out our Facebook page:

  Email notifications from this web site:  For those of you with spam blocking or email filtering capabilities, please add to your email account as a safe sender in order to receive email communication from this web site. We are getting some "bounce back" emails from several of you and don't want you to miss receiving emails from other classmates!

PRIVACY NOTICE:  Your street address, e-mail address, and phone number cannot be seen by the classmates unless you grant permission on your Profile. When someone clicks on your name, the only contact information they will see is your city and state and whatever information about yourself you choose to put on your Profile. Unless you explicitly grant your permission, your email address is not visible, although an email can be sent to you using the contact box at the bottom of your Profile page. Note, however, if you send a message to someone through their Profile page, the Classmate will see your email address so that they can respond.